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Are you ready to answer Jesus' challenge to
Put out into the deep? (Luke 5:4)
A group journey of prayer and reflection over eight encounters once a month (October - May).
An invitation to take part in a personal accompaniment process, requiring faithful and faith-filled commitment.
Gives space for discernment in a group environment and identifies avenues for growth and service.
A ministry of the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco.

About Duc Home

Duc in Altum is an eight-month-long itinerary for young adults who feel God's call is leading them closer to Him. It consists of eight 'encounters': a weekend-long opening retreat, six sessions on Saturdays, and a weekend-long closing retreat. Duc in Altum consists of talks from wise speakers, group discussion, activities, prayer, journeying with other young adults, and being accompanied on your journey by a spiritual companion.

Duc Home is an adaptation of the Duc in Altum program which includes all its key elements, in a simple home-based setting.

Topics covered include:


To participate in Duc Home, participants commit to:


Attend our one-hour information session on Tuesday, October 1 at 7pm at 1238 Sherman Dr

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